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The beer market in the United Kingdom is clearly quite huge. By revenue, the market is worth £1.4 billion. Everyone, including baby boomers, millennials, and gen Z, enjoys a pint every now and then.

Considering how popular beer is in the UK, one might assume that selling it will be simpler. However, it’s important to remember that while there is undoubtedly a huge demand for beer, numerous new breweries and beer brands are also emerging. 

So how will your beer get picked up off the shelves or ordered at the bar by customers?

Through digital marketing!

Marketing campaigns that display on a computer, phone, tablet, or other device are often referred to as digital marketing. Online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media posts are just a few examples of the various formats it can take.

For most of us, scrolling through social media and websites has become a way of life. Even smaller businesses with a budget can now easily access advertising and marketing thanks to social media and other digital platforms.

And that is precisely what Pearl Lemon Group is here to help you with. We are a leading digital marketing agency with undisputed experience in implementing custom digital marketing campaigns to boost client revenue.

Speak with a strategist here to learn more about how premium digital marketing services can help your brewery business flourish!

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Marketing Your Brewery Starts With Branding………… And The Brew

Spending time on the recipe is the first step in any brewery’s marketing strategy. It must, in other words, live up to the hype and expectations. Every great brew needs to have great taste and appearance. No one wants to pour a glass of swill-looking or smelling liquor.

However, consumers appear to place just as much value on the bottle’s appearance as its flavour when purchasing.

Invest in eye-catching designs. Select a logo that best conveys your offerings to draw customers, or hire a web design firm to make you a stunning website. Make every effort to distinguish yourself and leave a lasting impression.

Search Engine Optimisation Is A Must

Brewery search engine optimisation (SEO) offers a strong foundation for any digital marketing strategy. Your site can rank highly on search engines thanks to SEO, as it aids in attracting the interest of your target market. 

Extensive keyword research is necessary to develop a successful SEO strategy that will lead to successful digital marketing for brewery campaigns. These keywords are helpful for the overall SEO strategy since they correspond to the search terms your target audience uses to find breweries.

When you include these keywords effectively in engaging blog posts and web pages, Google will recognise that your website is pertinent to a user’s search and organically promote it to the top of the results list. Making infographics highlighting particular features of your most recent batch or production techniques is one of the most effective ways to use content marketing.

In addition to keyword research and content production, SEO comprises website optimisation and link building, which are crucial to digital marketing.

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Paid Advertising For ROI

PPC is a type of digital marketing that, like SEO, helps websites rank better in search engine results. Breweries, however, benefit from this digital marketing strategy because of how quickly they can achieve a high-ranking listing. Digital marketers must be conscious of the keywords they choose to bid on, much like SEO, to draw in their target audience.

Due to the high quantifiability of PPC methods, Google and Bing’s paid advertising platforms offer detailed analytics that simplifies campaign analysis. Our PPC specialists have experience tracking and adjusting paid search engine advertising campaigns for the best efficiency.

Social Media Is Your Friend

What could be more social than enjoying some craft beer with friends? It’s the pinnacle of social interaction, which is why smart brewers use social media channels. Although some of their tried-and-true marketing strategies may seem too straightforward to succeed, they are actually too clear to fail. You can start by making your own hashtags, keeping an eye out for conversations, and joining in as necessary. 

Do not disregard any complaints made there; they provide an excellent opportunity for you to know what your prospects are thinking. Also, a thing is visual marketing. Encourage customers to take pictures of themselves enjoying a drink of their beer and publish those photos online.

You’d be shocked at how much attention an oversized beer glass can get on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Keep communicating with your clients. The more social connections you can make with them, the more likely they will recommend your product to their friends. As much as possible, keep an eye out for comments, queries, and feedback on your social media profiles. Quickly and formally respond. By doing this, you’ll establish a reputation as a brewery that values the opinions and encounters of its customers.

Beer Events Are A Thing

Organising and hosting an event is another strategy for marketing a brewery. The event can be grandiose or just a simple night of microbrew samplings. There are more and more beer-related events happening throughout the country.

You can promote your events without spending a fortune if you have a sizable enough audience. An event can be made exciting and enjoyable with just a few individuals, and as a result, more people will attend the following time.

If you’re hesitant to arrange a beer event on your own, why not team up with another complimentary local business, such as a restaurant or bakery?

The fundraiser is also fresh and modern. Your imagination is the only restriction on the possible combinations.

Use Email Marketing To Connect With Your Community

Returning to email marketing, you can be more direct and have more frequent user reviews because there are no algorithms that govern how visible a message will be. Making an email list is the best plan of action. Implement lead collection tactics, such as surveys, discount coupons, or anything else, if you’re launching a more local business.

In addition to notifying your customers about significant occasions or brand-new products, try to send 1 to 2 emails per week. Send only what is essential to stay in touch with your community and preserve your name in people’s minds; avoid spamming.

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Elevate Your Sales With Digital Marketing For Breweries

There are several advantages that digital marketing can provide for your company. The importance of digital marketing for breweries can be seen in the following ways:

Digital Advertising Is Quantifiable

You can quickly assess and track the success of your digital marketing efforts because there are so many digital marketing tools and software alternatives available. Because traditional marketing initiatives are challenging to evaluate, you cannot monitor your tactics’ effectiveness.

You can quickly determine how consumers react to your strategies when using digital marketing. As a result, you can concentrate your efforts on developing the methods that will produce the best outcomes for your agricultural enterprise.

Digital Marketing Boosts Your Business's Revenue And Sales.

Traditional marketing uses blanket targeting to reach a wide range of people with diverse interests and backgrounds. This implies that your traditional marketing efforts frequently reach customers who aren’t considering what you have to offer.

On the other hand, digital marketing enables you to develop customized and targeted marketing messages to target particular customer groups based on their interests, lifestyles, and other factors. As a result, you can advertise your services to a larger population of potential clients, increasing your revenue and sales.

The Return On Investment For Digital Marketing Is High (Roi)

Traditional marketing initiatives are difficult to measure for success, making it tough to determine whether your long-term strategy and expenditures are worthwhile.

You don’t have to worry about wasting money on tactics that aren’t generating revenue for your company because it’s simple to assess and track the results of your digital marketing initiatives. As a result, you could generate a better ROI.

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Digital Marketing Is A Walk In The Park With Us– Let Us Help You

The best way to market your brewery business today is through social media and the internet. You can expand your firm outside your local area to other states or countries and accomplish your corporate goals with a solid digital marketing strategy.

To do that successfully, you must collaborate with specialists in the field of digital marketing who will create the necessary plan to meet your objectives.

The Pearl Lemon Group is a specialized digital marketing firm that works with brewers in all facets of the industry, including SEO, PPC advertising, and landing page optimization. We can assist your company in achieving its objectives and gaining visibility on search engine results pages.

Our staff works hard to supply our clients with the greatest and most recent techniques in the field of internet marketing, all while crafting under the watchful eyes of our digital marketing pros.

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Unfortunately, there is no correct response to this question. We can only advise using the channels that bring in the most visitors to your website. Use Facebook and Instagram if your clients and potential customers are more responsive to visual content. Use emails if you receive more traffic from them. Use the channels that will benefit you most in the end.

Definitely, yes. Even if you do not need to replace your present traditional marketing methods with digital ones, your company’s marketing plan should include the term “digital.” It really is that simple.

Whenever possible. A good website will keep visitors interested and provide relevant new content. A consistently updated website in terms of SEO is also highly valued by Google. Your website doesn’t need to be updated regularly; just make sure it remains current.

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