Pearl Lemon Group Divisions

Pearl Lemon SEO

SEO started it all for the Pearl Lemon Group. With years of experience in the field himself Deepak Shukla then assembled a team of seasoned experts who came together to create a company that by 2018 saw the likes of Clutch, Design Rush and Agency Spotter all rank Pearl Lemon SEO amongst the best SEO agencies in the UK. Our team of SEO experts has over 30 years of collective experience!


Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads is a dynamic lead generation agency that makes use of both time tested lead generation strategies like cold email, cold calling and appointment setting and new tactics like LinkedIn lead generation and podcast and webinar outreach. The Pearl Lemon Leads team goes above and beyond to deliver results for our clients and they can do the same for you. Our bespoke omnichannel approach brings leads to your booking calendar.

Pearl Lemon Properties

The Pearl Lemon Properties team is here to help investors better understand the concept of buying below market value properties, source the right investment opportunities and find the right experts to make it all work – from builders to lawyers to financial advisors and more.


Pearl Lemon Accountants

Pearl Lemon Accountants is always available to provide you with smart, simple, and straightforward accounting and business advice, assisting in developing and growing your business at every step.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment

Pearl Lemon Recruitment was the brainchild of the Pearl Lemon team when deciding we should offer our unique approach to recruiting and hiring for other businesses as well. We only bring the best of the best into our team, so Pearl Lemon Recruitment only hires the best people for your respective niche. We also offer our unique tool to help create beautiful and professional CVs and resumes.


Pearl Lemon Sales

Pearl Lemon Sales is a sales training organization that has been borne from the tens of thousands of sales calls that the Pearl Lemon Group makes and receives on a daily basis. As a result of the 100+ years of combined sales experience throughout the team – the group have decided to offer sales training to those who seek it based upon our extensive experience and millions of dollars in deals closed.

Pearl Lemon PR

Pearl Lemon PR is the public relations side of the Pearl Lemon Group. Having managed to secure our founder Deepak Shukla multiple TEDx talks (three to date), BBC features, Forbes, Inc and Huffington Post mentions, features and more – it’s been an incredible asset to our business. With this in mind we rolled out the service to our clients and work to manage reputation, negative press removal as well as major media PR.


Pearl Lemon Web

Pearl Lemon Web is a speedy, expert web design and development company that grew out of the challenges our SEO business faced when working with development and design teams only to see our work slowed. Having built 30+ websites even before our formal launch, we now offer full-stack design and web development for businesses looking to grow.

Pearl Lemon Consulting

Pearl Lemon Consulting is the consulting arm of our business where we work with fast growth and enterprise-level companies on a whole range of challenges they might face. Having had incredible exposure to different industries and businesses through our marketing efforts we’ve combined this together with bringing in-house an expert team to work across an incredible range of business challenges.


Pearl Lemon Interviews

Pearl Lemon Interviews is our site dedicated to getting inside the minds of the influencers that we have the pleasure of working with – alongside amazing folk in the world of entrepreneurship, professional sports, acting and more. You’ll see amazing interviews being posted here on a regular basis.

Logo of Pearl Lemon Interviews

Pearl Lemon Café

Pearl Lemon Café is a pet project born of our founder’s love of working from coffee shops up and down Chelsea, London – where the business was born. As a consequence we’ve decided to setup camp ourselves and will be building a local hub for entrepreneurs and business owners to come, drink coffee and talk shop. You’ll almost certainly catch the Pearl Lemon team there from time to time as well.

Pearl Lemon Invest

Pearl Lemon Invest is an investment led software technology company, providing AI for adventurous investors. With a specialization in Forex & Equities Algorithms, Pearl Lemon Invest allows investors to generate an immediate income on the Forex and Stock Market.


Pearl Lemon Ventures

Pearl Lemon Ventures is the startup side of the Pearl Lemon Group and where you’ll find the full range of our tools being developed. From A.I content generation, SEO Audit Tools, Chrome Plugins to CRMs, we’ve got a growing collection of tools under development. Check out all we have to offer.

Pearl Lemon Catering

Pearl Lemon catering is a corporate catering company located in London, UK. We offer premium catering services for businesses and can cater for your corporate function or event. From boardroom meetings to lunchtime feasts we are here to satisfy all your catering needs.

Pearl Lemon games

Pearl Lemon Games is an indie game development company based in London. Pearl Lemon Games improves both the visible and unseen performance aspects of video games across all platforms. With an extensive portfolio, the team works on projects like Roblox, mobile, and buildbox game development. Pearl Lemon’s game developers use their expertise and agility to create specialized games to meet clients’ requirements. 

Pearl Lemon Labs

Pearl Lemon Labs. Diamond Jewellery. The Ultimate Guide to Top Stores for Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring.

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Pearl Lemon Legal

Pearl Lemon Legal is a part of the Pearl Lemon Group which is comprised of: Accounting, Corporate Consulting, Event Management, Golden Visas, SEO, Public …

Pearl Lemon Tattoos

Pearl Lemon Tattoo is your best tattoo shop in London, UK. Choose from a wide range of tattoo styles to match your artistic tastes. Walk-in today.

Pearl Lemon Juice

Pearl Lemon Juice was created with the goal of making nutrition and nourishment more accessible to everyone. We create approachable flavours using only …

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing offers virtual assistants London who can serve as the sanity saving help you need to grow your business in the way you imagined when you …


CatJudo is a part of the Pearl Lemon Group which is comprised of: Accounting, Corporate Consulting, Event Management, Golden Visas, Legal, Public Relations, Lab …

Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is an investor at the Pearl Lemon Group, which operates several businesses such as Pearl Lemon, Pearl Lemon Leads and more.

Win On Upwork

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Plant Sumo

We’re Plant Sumo, a London-based UK vegan meal prep service, delivering innovative, exciting, and flavoursome plant-based meals.

Plant Judo

Plant Judo is your one-stop online shop for all things related to plants and herbs. Whether you’re a gardener, an interior designer, or a plant enthusiast, …

If you want to know about chilli pepper, hot sauce, and bell pepper, this Chilli Sumo blog is for you. 


Welcome to LemApp, your ultimate WhatsApp management companion. We’re more than just an app; we’re a solution, an ally, a powerful tool ready to transform how you engage with the world’s most popular messaging platform.


Founded in 2020, SERPWizz is an auditing tool fresh from the innovative think-tank of award-winning SEO agency creators. SERPwizz allows companies to create white label reports that fully capture what needs to be improved in terms of SEO on a website.


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