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Facebook is perhaps the first website that springs to mind when thinking about social media marketing, followed by Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and many more.

These social networks are well-liked by marketers since they are effective.

However, one of the most undervalued social media channels for marketing is Pinterest. If you can think outside the box and use a little ingenuity, your business can gain from it.

Pinterest is typically considered a female-dominated platform, even though 40% of new users are men. It might be one of the reasons many small and medium-sized firms, particularly B2B ones, don’t take it seriously.

Your business, however, cannot afford to make the mistake of underestimating the Pinterest marketing plan. Because if you employ other social media marketing strategies but neglect Pinterest, you are surely losing the opportunity to grow.

Pinterest has an estimated 431 million monthly visitors, making it the 14th most popular social media platform.

Because of the website’s eye-catching design– which also happens to be its unique selling point– makes it a visual search engine that offers a high engagement rate.

Pinterest is a godsend for interior designers as the audience on Facebook and Instagram is spoiled for choice due to volume! It is a fantastic location to effectively target your audience and draw them into your sales funnel. 

When used effectively, a visual search engine like Pinterest can assist you in building a brand and attracting paying customers. The best part? You get to showcase your designs in the most convenient way possible visually.

But if you have no idea how to use the platform, there is no need to worry. After all, you’re an interior designer and not a Pinterest marketer.

Luck you because our experts at Pearl Lemon Group can assist you! 

Our team offers a wide range of services to support your Pinterest marketing campaign so that you get 100% of the benefits. 

Contact us today to learn more about us.

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Benefits Of Pinterest Marketing For Interior Designers

If you include Pinterest in your social media marketing plan for interior design, you stand to gain a lot. A Pinterest business account can help you step up your game, whether you run a startup or an established company.

Throughout the world, interior designers are using Pinterest to promote their brands. So why won’t you?

If you still need some convincing, look at the following benefits you can get.

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Helps You Find Your Prospective Clients

For aspirational decorators looking for home décor inspiration, Pinterest is the best place to go. The visual search engine draws the appropriate audience for all the relevant factors. You can get hot leads because Pinterest app users constantly look for DIY or renovation inspirations. 

If you don’t use Pinterest for your business, you lose out on these chances to connect with perfect prospects. It is an essential marketing strategy, and it is where your target market is. 

As a platform with millions of users, potential customers are looking through the never-ending aisles of pins you can utilise.

Sorts And Organises Your Work Easily

Aside from its search engine optimisation and digital marketing advantages, Pinterest is a terrific tool for organising your work. You can utilise the Pinterest Board to organise your ideas, whether they are based on your work or pins of inspiration.

You can also share ideas with clients or your team using Pinterest Boards, making convenient mood boards for personal use. They serve as discovery pieces when made public and give Pinterest visitors a glimpse into the larger narrative that distinguishes your design.

Establishes A Wonderful Entry Point For Your Sales Funnel

Not every Pinterest user who comes across your company may be prepared to avail of your services. However, they are still a qualifying lead. They still share your interests, and you can probably get them to engage with you through a few more nudges.

Putting your work up on Pinterest increases the number of people who can access your sales funnel. You may direct visitors to your website by engaging them on social media

Needless to say, Pinterest is a fantastic tool for community building and increasing brand exposure.

Creates Trends Instead Of Just Following Them

Your design work has a great chance of becoming viral with the help of Pinterest marketing. It is a trendsetting platform because of its enormous influence on the interior design industry. You can submit innovative design concepts here that make their own waves. 

Pinterest is also where influencers, bloggers, and regular pinners find your starting trend if adequately advertised.

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Everyone, from professionals to novices, consults Pinterest for interior design guidance. As a result, it is the ideal setting for your business or company to allow its dopest concepts to shine.

Builds Brand Recognition And Value

It can be challenging for interior designers to stand out in a crowded market. We totally understand! One of your goals is to familiarise the public with your brand so they can begin to recognise your aesthetic, and Pinterest can make it happen.

You may build tremendous brand recall value with the aid of Pinterest.

Small entrepreneurs and proprietors of interior design firms find Pinterest to be a potent promotional tool. It gives them access to a community of passionate people about the same things as they have. 

You can begin talking with your community by figuring out how to communicate effectively using Pinterest marketing. Your pins must have a consistent branding theme to distinguish you from the competition.

The Areas Our Pinterest Marketing Team Focuses On

With Pearl Lemon Group, your marketing campaigns become successful because our experts don’t miss any crucial details. 

Here are the areas we focus on to promote your designs on Pinterest.

Keyword Approach

Although Pinterest is a visual search engine, keywords are essential for your presence. On Pinterest, keywords are essentially utilised for everything.

Content Creation

Beautiful images are fantastic for Pinterest, but graphic overlays that use keywords on the image and a clear call to action are even more crucial for encouraging the pinner to perform the action you want.


This social media platform differs from others, where you cannot anticipate success by posting just one pin. Your long-term success will be aided by consistency and a regular schedule.

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Pinterest Audits

We get that your company is a labour of love and that you might not want to relinquish control. We can offer a comprehensive Pinterest assessment and strategy to give you the necessary information to pursue that success.

Organic Content

Your growth will not be aided by pinning images of the home and pins from other individuals. To begin experiencing growth, you must consistently pin a few new, organic Pinterest pin that comes from your own.

Pinterest Shopping

If your company sells products, you need to become verified on Pinterest and use it for buying. We can assist you in quickly setting up and marketing your items.

Our Pinterest Marketing for Interior Designers

Brand Recognition: We promote awareness of your company, goods, or other services.

Increased Views On Videos: For quality views, which include average watch time & completion, we optimise Pinterest ads.

Increased Traffic: We make your Pinterest Ads click-optimised to drive more visitors to your website.

Conversions: We encourage your Pinterest users to do activities like “checking out,” “signing up,” or “adding to cart.”

Create a Shopping Guide: Use the time people are looking for inspiration to introduce them to your products or services.

If you want to learn more about it, why not book a call with us?

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Pearl Lemon Group’s Pinterest Experts Can Help You

Visuals are the critical component of your business– and luckily, Pinterest is a platform for engaging, captivating, and sought-after visuals.

Even though you have a brief idea about Pinterest marketing, you might still require expert assistance as your company expands. Nothing beats working with people that know their thing.

Just like how people should work with you for your expertise in interior design.

Pearl Lemon Group is the right choice regarding Pinterest management and advertising campaigns for your interior design business. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you expand your company on Pinterest and beat the competition.

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Because they can use the platform’s board organisation capabilities to develop and share a unified look, Pinterest is perfect for interior designers. 

When used effectively, Pinterest may expand your clientele, allow you to exchange ideas with them, and help you establish yourself as an industry authority in the field of interior design.

The straightforward equation of what a customer wants comprises pricing, portfolio, personality, and personalisation. So these people may differ from one another. You may serve various clients and families. It can be someone from a firm, a mother, a bachelor, a real estate agent, and many more.

Yes, Pinterest marketing for interior designers works because the platform has a feature that can significantly help them. In fact, using Pinterest to market your company and increase customer traffic is highly recommended. 

This is because a promoted pin will help you improve the current situation of your business. They resemble conventional pins but are enhanced with visibility-boosting features that help you reach the right audience at the right moment. 

Aside from that, people also look at Pinterest for various inspos regarding how rooms or houses should look to become functional yet aesthetic.

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