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As an entrepreneur, you must attend as many industry-relevant networking events and conferences as possible, regardless of how small your company is. Communicating with other like-minded and driven individuals can help you take your startup to the next level and achieve success. And if you ensure that at least some of those events are specific entrepreneur events London, the benefits you’ll reap in just a few hours will be even greater.

Surprisingly, just 30% of new enterprises survive their first two years. As an entrepreneur, that’s a stark – and depressing – statistic. But rather than be put off, this dismal stat should simply energize you to do more to ensure that you and your business remain firmly in that 30% who do make it.

Attending networking entrepreneur events London and business conferences in general can provide you with the resources you need to ensure your company does not fall into the failure category. Attending these events could, in essence, end up saving your company. Furthermore, the majority of networking events and conferences are either free or extremely low-cost. And what bootstrapping entrepreneur doesn’t like the sound of that?

If you’re still undecided about attending entrepreneur event London, if you think you are too busy or too shy, here are nine of the most important advantages for your business that should quickly change your mind and have you searching for the next available on:

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1. To gain knowledge from the best in your business

No entrepreneur, no matter how gifted, can possibly know everything there is to know about anything, even in their own niche or specialty. Attending networking and conference events allows you to learn from other entrepreneurs who have been in similar situations, as well as gain insight into their successes and failures.

2. To establish valuable contacts

Nothing is more valuable than face-to-face engagement in today’s digital world, where most communication takes place online. These crucial conversations and relationships can be had at networking events, and especially at entrepreneur events London. The benefit of networking events is that they frequently allow for speed networking, which allows for several interactions in a short amount of time. You can greatly expand your network by participating for just a few hours and only using a few days out of your busy monthly schedule.

3. Connect with Clients and Customers

If you are in the B2B space, the chances are good that by attending entrepreneur events London you can find actual clients and customers depending on the type of networking or conference event you attend and the services you provide. Engaging in informal chats about your products and services can be very lucrative, even if there’s no hard sell involved, and you may be able to wrangle yourself a spot to give a more formal talk to the whole group the next time around.

4. To Stay on Top of Trends

Entrepreneurs are often so focused on building their business that they lose sight of the larger industry, and missing out on information about big changes or new trends can be devastating to their business’ health. As an entrepreneur, it’s critical to be prepared and constantly informed about industry shifts, and attending entrepreneur events London will help you stay on top of industry changes, so you can plan and prepare ahead of time.


5. To Forge New partnerships

A specific topic and theme are often included during networking and conference events. As a result, the attendees are frequently from the same industry and have a lot in common. These events are ideal for meeting new business partners by connecting with people that compliment your skills. It’s also a good idea to chat to rivals too because not only might you be able to collaborate on a better version of a project, but at the very least it’s a great way to get a real idea of who – and what – you’re up against.

6. To Find Potential Investors

Serious investors are always on the lookout for great new opportunities, so it’s far from unusual to find them at entrepreneur events London hoping to find just that.

Best way to approach: 

Speaking directly to an investor is the very best way to get their attention. Face-to-face interactions can help to establish trust and lay the groundwork for a long-term connection that could be a game-changer for your business.

7. To Stay Motivated

It’s all too easy to grow disillusioned with your latest project if things aren’t moving ahead as fast, or as well, as you’d hoped. But it’s also easy to find inspiration, be inspired, and come up with fresh ideas to advance your business once you start networking with like-minded people. You’ll leave these events with renewed motivation, probably with new ideas, and certainly a renewed sense of purpose for your company.

8. To Get Yourself Noticed

One of the most difficult challenges for a startup is gaining recognition. If you don’t properly spread the word about your online marketing, you could not get the results you want. By interacting on your product or services, networking is a terrific way to meet potential customers and establish notoriety. Most networking events allow entrepreneurs to stand or pitch in front of participants, which is a terrific way to get your product or service noticed.

9. Because You Stand to Lose Nothing by Trying

Attending a networking or entrepreneur event London, no matter what business you’re in, is, at the very least, a surefire way to learn something new.


Successful Entrepreneur:

As we’ve explained, they are about more than that, though. Networking and conference events are critical for your success as an entrepreneur for a variety of reasons, including receiving inspiration, learning about the industry, gaining exposure, and making vital connections.

A successful entrepreneur is also someone with a lot of confidence, and sometimes maintaining that can be tough. You’ll get pushed out of your comfort zone when networking and engage with people from all walks of life and businesses at entrepreneur events London. And it will almost certainly be the push you need if you’ve been struggling.

The truth is, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by attending entrepreneur events London. At worst, you’ll just meet some new people and find some new friends. At best, they could be the one thing that propels you and your business to the heights you’re working so hard to reach.


A lot of them are, and you must understand how they operate. For much of the business community, the initial entrepreneur event is awkward and not meant for pure socialisation. The main event serves more as a professional gathering of colleagues. The initial value can have value to those trying to grow their network, but the afterparty is key to growing relationships that will last a lifetime. It’s a great setting to show off your social skills, wow your peers, and share your passion for business in a lower-stress environment. 

Socially, yes. Entrepreneur events serve more to help people grow their network and communicate in a professional setting. It can be a little bit more informal than the business conference you have at work. However, there’s still an unwritten expectation of professional manners and courtesy that all event attendees will understand. With these events, it’s better to err on the side of being too professional, so you don’t risk coming off as unprofessional and uncouth. It might be incredibly dull for the time being, but it will save your reputation in the long run. Besides, you can always show off your passion and your fun side during the afterparty. 

If you want a list of London’s most popular entrepreneur events, you can check out this list from Eventbrite. When you’re picking an entrepreneur event to attend, make sure that you find ones that match your level of entrepreneurial experience and your demographic. There are a lot of different entrepreneurial events for business leaders that require funding or for women in the business world. Making sure that you match the audience will not only make the event less awkward for you but also make sure that you build a network of colleagues who relate to you most. 

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