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Every day, the architecture sector expands dramatically. Unsurprisingly, Pinterest marketing for architects has emerged as the go-to resource for the online AEC community. 

With over 433 million monthly active users and over $2.5 billion in revenue, there’s no doubt that Pinterest offers a big platform for brands that want to get their name out there– including architects.

One of the greatest social media platforms for boosting the online presence of your business is Pinterest. It has an easy-to-use interface, an integrated search engine, and an imageboard.

Essentially, Pinterest is a social media site focused on images. It functions as a result of user-created “pins” on particular categories or boards. It appears easy to use, but there are various methods in which you can use it to market and profit your brand.

Lately, buying ad space, keywords, and pins alone is insufficient. Customers want a more natural social media experience and don’t want to be prodded.

We can help you with your digital marketing needs at Pearl Lemon Group. We are in the business of helping businesses and brands find unique ways to market their offerings. 

We guarantee you that our Pinterest marketing will help expose your brand to new prospects.

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A Quick Glance On Pinterest & Architecture

Pinterest is a social networking platform where anyone can share images and save them on their boards for looking at later. This innovative platform was conceptualised by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra way back in 2009

The platform Pinterest, like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, is viral in the design world. Whether it’s for personal aesthetic reasons or creative work projects, a lot of people use them nowadays. This is because you can use Pinterest to get inspiration for your ideas in almost any design you would like. 

Every day, the architecture industry continues to grow. More and more talented individuals come in and level the playing field. Some of these professionals surely used a Pinterest photo as an inspo one way or another.

So, it’s no surprise that Pinterest marketing for architects has become the ideal tool for every design professional. If you can influence someone else through your work being displayed on Pinterest, that makes you an industry expert in some way!

An imageboard, search engine, and straightforward layout make Pinterest one of the best social media platforms to maximise your online presence.

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The Benefits Of Pinterest For Architects

Pinterest is a global visual search engine; most pinners go there to find inspiration. It could be that they want to try new things, discover new ideas, find recipes or, for marketers, reach out to new people and increase traffic. 

Architects need Pinterest not just because of its marketing benefits but also because it can help them reach a larger audience of people.

In short, Pinterest can help you make alot of money.

Let us get into more detail:

It Inspires People

Architects use Pinterest to search for and collect fresh visual ideas, sparking their creativity. Architects and interior designers can also use Pinterest to find inspiration and understand emerging global trends.

Good For Collabs

It’s easier for clients to find reference images on Pinterest rather than sharing magazine references the old-fashioned way. By uploading plans and design ideas to boards on Pinterest, architects and interior designers can connect effortlessly with their clients. 

Fuel For Creativity

When an architect browses for a specific topic, hundreds of images will be retrieved, which can inspire your creativity during the initial design phase. There may be pins that describe your topic so well that they can even teach you the history and give tips to design them.

Greatly Syncs With Others

A Pinterest account has two distinct advantages over an Instagram account. Pinterest is fully functional on desktop and mobile devices, whereas Instagram isn’t. Additionally, Pinterest posts can have links in addition to images, whereas Instagram doesn’t allow them.

Doesn't Need Storage

The Pinterest platform allows you to store and organise all your image references as separate boards, saving your laptop and hard drive space. By freeing up this space, you can use it much more efficiently, giving your hardware a rest.

How Does Pearl Lemon Do It?

Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can see all the bells and whistles needed to plan a wedding, look out for recipes, get OOTD inspirations, and even base a design from it to remodel your kitchen.

Many architects are adding the platform to their strategic toolbox because of its visual savvy feature. Although many architects are already using it, there hasn’t yet been a consensus on a standard approach among the architecture community. 

But firms are maximising the platform to meet their marketing needs because it can be used to fill in the gaps of their advertising campaign and to shake things up.

Here at Pearl Lemon Group, we’re trendsetters even before people decide it is a “thing”. That’s why we’re offering architects, as early as now, the convenience and effectiveness of Pinterest as a marketing tool for their architecture business.

Take a look at how we do it for you!

Step 1: Get You An Account

If you don’t have your own Pinterest account, we would be more than delighted to make one for you. We would also optimise that account by choosing which topics to follow and which popular profiles to visit often.

You can choose topics such as “Architecture”, “Landscaping,” “Interior Design,” and “Construction” to help identify relevant and competitor profiles who might directly rival you.

We will make your account like a business professional in action so you get an online presence and for people to follow your work.

Step 2: Organise Inspirational Board

You’ll find countless examples on Pinterest if you’re looking for inspiring images. In fact, if you use the search box and type in ” architectural presentation, ” you can find inspiration for your project’s architectural presentations. 

To be the person that gives the ideas, Pearl Lemon Group experts can help you create a board where you can save inspirational designs from your portfolio. Your architectural designs will be known far and wide in the community because you’ll be on Pinterest sowing the real thing among audiences and prospective clients too. 

We will help you increase your visual vision with countless examples.

Step 3: We Optimise Content & Market

Once your account is up and ready to show the world what designs it’s capable of, you can start marketing your designs. Allow people to talk about your content and let them spread the word about your designs being so fantastic!

We have to fix content that would rank, an effective digital marketing campaign, and account optimisation that can help you get more people following you.

After that, you’re good to go, and we will be maintaining your account for you!

Get That Board Raving With Inspiration

Architects can use Pinterest as a marketing and collaboration tool since it is a visual social media platform. To widen their options during the concept design stage, Pearl Lemon Group recommends that architects use Pinterest.

This way, you can reap all the platform’s benefits and add more value to your name as an architect.

So what are you waiting for? Book a call now to get started with your content marketing.

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Pinterest marketing is a collection of strategies that integrate Pinterest into your company’s overall social media marketing plan to reach new audiences and increase brand and product exposure.

Social media marketers use the website, according to Pinterest Business, to:

  • Gain more internet visibility while expanding your audience.
  • Promote the company’s website or online store to more people.
  • Promote conversions like email signups, ticket sales, or other transactions.
  • Or, to put it another way, using Pinterest for business can help your company gain a lot of exposure and cash.

Our agency’s enthusiastic digital marketing specialists offer various services to help you reach a wide range of target audiences. Give us a call right away for more.

Like you would develop a marketing strategy for any other media channel, you need to draw a marketing strategy for Pinterest. You don’t just jump in. Here’s what you can consider.

  1. Look into the trends.
  2. Perform a keyword search.
  3. Create your company profile.
  4. Do some competitor research.
  5. Know the many available pin kinds.
  6. Make a Pinterest marketing strategy.
  7. Implement, monitor, and improve your models.

This is more challenging than it sounds, but consistency will deliver tangible results you will love. First of all:

  • Use high-quality imagery. Keep in mind that people are drawn to quality. Use the highest resolutions and avoid pixelation.
  • Use descriptive copy. Content is king. Good copy will reinforce your visual imagery.
  • Be unique. Promote your brand and voice. You won’t be like everyone, so don’t copy them.
  • Ensure your links work. This is an aspect of SEO. Check for broken brands and fix them.

Finally, be consistent. Consistency is key.

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