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Who Is The Pearl Lemon Group?

The Pearl Lemon Group is a digital marketing agency in London. It’s a collective of companies that have the engine of an ultra runner, the stamina of an ironman athlete and the precision of a Muay Thai Fighter. It’s like nothing you’ve encountered before.

If you are looking for a run of the mill digital agency, then working with the Pearl Lemon Group is NOT for you. If you are looking for an innovative, dynamic agency that will partner with you to build your brand and accelerate your growth beyond your expectations, we ARE the team you’re looking for. 

Founded by serial entrepreneur and SEO expert Deepak Shukla in 2016, over the course of just a few years the Pearl Lemon Group has grown from a home office in a basement in Fulham to a global concern with seven offices around the world. Not to toot our own horn too much, that’s what we call growth. And we can do the same for you.

Reviews Of Our Services

The reasons we have won so many awards? Our clients love us, and that’s the true measure of an SEO agency’s success.  Our Clients have reviewed us on:

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The Professionals At Work

Our agency has a team of enthusiastic digital marketing specialists that provide a wide range of services that can help you with reaching multitudes of target audiences.

We’re talking about professionals that are experts in a variety of fields like Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and other strategies that will definitely add value to your entity.

The above offerings are used by our digital marketing agency in the UK to define and start engaging our clients’ targeted customers to convert traffic into customers. We carefully evaluate and improve sites on the internet and projects based on all existing data to guarantee the highest return for our clientele. We have demonstrated that a blended comprehensive approach that includes all of these digital marketing services massively enhances web traffic.

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Take a look at our top-notch digital marketing strategies that will surely get you, your business, organisation, or institution up and thriving on the internet.

You might even be the next trending star across the web!

Search Engine Optimization

A search engine optimisation (SEO) project entails using a variety of tools and methods to improve your brand’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our SEO initiatives can boost web traffic and, as a result, your company's online success by allowing more potential users to find it.


If you use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you are charged with each click on your campaign. PPC is one of the most impactful solutions to increase brand awareness, drive relevant web traffic, and grow e-commerce income. If this method is done right, you can guarantee that your entity is on its way to success.

Digital Public Relations

Digital PR is a critical marketing service for increasing your company's organic presence and online exposure. Digital PR mainly aims at increasing the power of your official site by acquiring high-quality backlinks from other internet sites. There is no denying that the quantity and size of backlinks have a significant impact on the algorithm of search engines.

Website Design

Your official site is one of your most valuable digital assets. It is not only the digital gateway into your company, but it is also the channel that significantly drives the stream for your significant revenue. We develop sites that are relatively quick, sustainable, and generate web traffic well because we are results-driven and closely allied with your business objectives.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

A CRO marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs can propel your company to new heights of success. By entrusting your conversion marketing needs to our conversion rate optimisation agency, you can gain from Conversion Rate Optimisation services done effectively and efficiently.

Content Marketing

Make sure your voice will be heard. Our content marketing efforts start engaging prospects throughout buying cycle and convert individuals into long-term customers. All thanks to our digital marketing agency's industry-leading copywriting, content production, streamlining strategy, and team members.

If you want to know more about our other offers, talk to our experts by booking a call now.

Hotel Digital Marketing

Your One-Stop-Shop

Indeed, we’re a digital marketing agency in London. But wait, there’s more to it– we’ve also said that we’re a collective group of companies, right?

That means we have a wide range of sub-agencies that can help you with whatever you need.

As you can see, you don’t need to go anywhere because we might provide you with what you need.

Not sure if we have what you require? Well, talk to our experts today.


Digital marketing agencies charge by specific services such as content marketing, PPC, SEO, etc. Book a call today to get an estimate on how much your project will cost!

As a full service digital marketing agency in London, we can cover any digital marketing need you may have. We are the best London digital marketing company out there and we serve global clientele.

Yes! A digital marketing agency can be the boost you need to increase brand awareness and boost sales! Book a call today to see what Pearl Lemon Group can do to help your business grow!

Maybe you found us by searching “digital marketing agency UK” or “London digital marketing agency”, but either way we are the best there is. We continue to win awards for our services year after year. We would love to show you what we can do.

To hire an individual marketer you can expect a lower rate  charged by the hour. Meanwhile, digital marketing agencies are at a higher rate they have more resources and team members that are helping with your site.

Although there may be a higher monthly fee, you can expect much better results from  a full services digital marketing agency. Book a call today to see if Pearl Lemon Group’s digital marketing agency in UK is for you!

Every marketing agency has different rates based on the type of service, hourly charge, or monthly package. Some agencies also increase the price based on the size of their client. On average the price can be £1,200 – £5,000 per month depending on multiple factors. Book a call to get an estimate on your project!

A full service digital marketing agency, like the Pearl Lemon Group, thrives because we have experts from numerous backgrounds on our team. We have the industry’s best SEO experts, web designers, PR experts, content writers and more.

Choosing a full service digital marketing agency, rather than a company that specialises in one area helps you cover more bases at once. This means choosing a London digital marketing company (cough cough us) helps you reach your digital marketing goals faster.