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Do you use Pinterest for commercial purposes, or are you merely utilising it to plan your next trip to the famous Madame Tussauds, Stonehenge, or Edinburgh Castle? 

It could be time to think about establishing your brand on this visual content platform if you aren’t already doing so. Being a visual search engine, Pinterest is excellent for introducing new prospects to your brand and providing businesses of all sizes with a distinctive approach to selling themselves.

The site is increasingly transforming into a global search powerhouse, which can be advantageous for your brand awareness. You can also use Pinterest ads for advertising your brand and boosting your Pinterest SEO.

With 459 million active users monthly as of 2021, Pinterest ranks as the 14th most prominent social network globally, which implies why Pinterest is a good choice if you want to help your company gain exposure. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Despite the benefits it offers, it won’t help your business if you don’t know the right strategy.

Don’t you worry! We can help you.

Pearl Lemon Group is the best option for you if you want to fully leverage Pinterest’s potential to increase your brand’s ROI (Return Of Investment). 

We are a team based in London, UK, and provide cutting-edge, modern solutions for Pinterest marketing that can help you grow your company there.

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Benefits Of Investing In Pinterest Marketing Agency in London

Pinterest is an online catalogue that showcases various appealing goods and services. When Pinterest marketing is used alongside a robust social media marketing strategy, there can be a noticeable rise in website traffic and SEO. Additionally, you can drive traffic and sales to your website while expanding your online community. 

There are also other reasons that make Pinterest a right tool for marketing.

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Increase Website Traffic

Pinterest can send many visitors to your website using inbound links. You can quickly direct your viewers to your site because every rich pin contains a link. Consider how many more people you can attract to your website by marketing recycled material from your blog entries or uploading photographs of your items.

Pinterest generates more referral traffic than the majority of social media sites. The problem is that a lot of this traffic depends on quality content. Remember that Pinterest is primarily a visual platform to entice your target audience to click on your links hence, your images must be of a high calibre.

Utilise Visual Content Search

Although Pinterest may appear just as another social media site, it functions as a search engine for photographs. When you make a google search, it returns relevant results once you enter your search word in the search bar. In essence, this is how Pinterest functions. For the keyword you entered, the best results are presented to you in the form of pins and boards.

It can be very profitable for your business to appear in these results. It is possible to design and arrange your pins so that people can quickly locate what they are looking for. 

Furthermore, sponsored pins are displayed first in relevant searches. You can attract customers explicitly looking for what you have to offer by correctly optimising your pins.

Increased Conversions

For most users, Pinterest is a resource for information before making a purchase. Remember that users conduct research via search engines before making decisions. Even while they could put off making a choice, they can still readily save your pins as they plan for a future purchase.

Excellent visual material related to your product or service on Pinterest makes you more likely to convert your audience into prospects or customers. It is so that the buyer’s journey takes fewer steps on Pinterest than it does on other social media sites. Instead, it makes it possible for you to turn leads into sales quickly.

Boost The Authority Of Your Brand

You can add relevant stuff from additional sources to your boards in addition to pinning your content. Following and interacting with other companies (in your sector or those who share your interests) will humanise your brand and boost its authority.

On Pinterest, social interaction is still crucial since it increases your visibility to other users and gives your target audience access to more exciting boards. You can share ideas and plans with others using the Pinterest feature known as group boards. They are a fantastic technique to boost traffic to your blog.

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Identify The Interests Of Your Audience

Understanding and meeting customers’ demands are the driving force behind every organisation. It feeds your business goals and, eventually, your marketing goals. You can see the interests of your target market and current trends in your sector by using Pinterest trends. You might be able to fill in any gaps in your messaging or product by doing this.

In essence, you will be able to come up with fresh approaches to sell your goods or services in a method that corresponds to what your target market wants. Consider creating a buyer persona using our free template below if you are still unsure whether you are targeting the appropriate customers.

Here's What We Offer

Pearl Lemon Group assists you in establishing trust through a solid Pinterest ad campaign, which may impact Pinterest sales. Regarding Pinterest advertising services, we help your business expand its following base while boosting Pinterest impressions and reach.

Our Marketing Plan For Pinterest

We aim to create an effective marketing strategy for your account rather than just discussing the subject. We carefully research your business and examine the level of popularity and your fan base to create a custom avatar for your brand.

Setting Up An Account And A Profile

Our experts’ design pins that accurately represent you by matching your brand goals with your social traits. We can create a simple yet artistic Pinterest profile and pins that promote your products and services and buyable pins to encourage your clients to make purchases. 

Featured Pins

Our specialists will start connecting with other users to spread awareness of your company after creating your personalised Pinterest board and after your pins start to publish. We also use paid Pinterest advertisements or promoted pins, which operate similarly to other social media ad platforms by bringing your products to the customers looking for them.

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Optimising And Reporting On Pinterest For Quantifiable Outcomes

We identify techniques that can support your company’s growth in the best possible ways by examining the outcomes and the replies that the pinners for your page provided. As the last step, we will generate substantiated reports to track the development of your company and check if your profile is performing correctly in one of the most significant online creative communities.

Authentic Followers Fuel Genuine Interaction On Pinterest

We strongly believe that genuine engagement can boost sales, while false popularity can do the opposite. For this reason, we never buy followers or follow people using bots to get follow-backs. 

Every person that follows your Pinterest account does so because of the content, so as your account gains more followers, you can be confident that real fans of your work are running the accounts.

Your All-In-One Marketing Solution

At Pearl Lemon Group, we can handle your Pinterest Management demands. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can provide you with a comprehensive package of services that can help you from beginning to end, maintaining your Pinterest boards and successfully integrating your Pinterest account with social media platforms. 

There is much more to Pinterest’s marketing strategy than you might think. We can help you increase conversions and profit margins and gain the reputation and popularity for your brand that you have always desired! 

Contact us to make a profitable strategy for your Pinterest marketing.

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Most users claim to regularly find new companies and items through Pinterest, which might increase your exposure to new clients. Using Pinterest for business can help you reach a large audience and sway clients’ purchasing choices.

If your target market uses Pinterest, it can be worthwhile to use it for promotion. It opens the door to success by facilitating the discovery of new products, attracting fresh leads that result in sales, and assisting companies in building their brands.

A Pin, a picture that Pinterest users look up and save, serves as a visual representation of every subject. Due to the ability of pins to link to other websites,

Pinterest is fantastic for boosting traffic and sales. And perhaps most significantly for businesses, Pins make it easier for customers to learn more about the goods they want to purchase. 

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