Influential Marketing Strategy: Snapchat Marketing in London

You might have encountered people sending “snaps” while strolling at Greenwich Park, Tower Bridge or while watching the mesmerising sunrise at Duck and Waffle. Yes, that’s the craze Snapchat people have!

With around 557 million active users each month (as of January 2022), Snapchat is a valuable and user-friendly marketing tool that companies shouldn’t ignore.

Snapchat enables its users to share brief, seconds-long photographs or videos with other users. After being opened, the platform’s brief messages become unreachable. Despite being one of the most widely used mobile social media apps, Snapchat’s website sees less traffic because it is a mobile-only platform.

While the Snapchat app is a fantastic tool, it is incompatible with every business. Hence, verifying if your target audience is present on the platform before investing your time and resources becomes crucial:

Millennials use Snapchat more frequently than other age groups, so before committing to the platform, think about who your target market is. 

Additionally, you need to thoroughly understand the app if you want to master Snapchat marketing. Your brand awareness suffers if you neglect what it entails before starting your Snapchat marketing campaign.  

That’s where we come to your rescue. 

Partner with Pearl Lemon Group to witness excellent outcomes from your Snapchat marketing efforts! Our specialists will use their in-depth understanding of the platform to assist in developing a customised advertising campaign for your brand as an established social marketing firm. 

We use solutions specifically designed to meet your needs and your company’s objectives. Additionally, we will guide you through the distinctive formats, strategies, and audiences that constitute the Snapchat platform. Since we have worked with companies across various sectors, we have a wealth of expertise to impart.

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Snapchat An Effective Marketing Tool

While some businesses and brands have used Snapchat to communicate with business audiences, others are naturally cautious about adding more networks to their extensive social media marketing duties. It is a relatively low-commitment network, which is fantastic news. Let’s look at it.


Place Links

A good thing about Snapchat is that even the most straightforward marketing strategy if done adequately, provides effective results. All users of the network can add links to their postings, making it simple to share content with prospective clients. If you establish trackable shortened URLs, you can also keep tabs on how many clicks your postings get.

Snap Ads Capture Interest

With the help of Snapchat Ads, you can connect with a diverse, broader audience in addition to your existing fan base. Snapchat Ads make it simple for you to accomplish any goal, whether to enhance consideration, promote awareness, or spur action.

Making custom filters is one of the features offered by Snapchat Ads. It is an excellent concept for local campaigns, events, and brick-and-mortar businesses that wish to increase exposure.

There are numerous creative and adaptable uses for Snapchat. You may, for instance, provide an inside look at your company. You can also use it to stay in touch with customers interested in your goods or services.

Exclusive Look At New Products

You can utilise Snapchat to give a first look at brand-new goods or services you are introducing. To create excitement, you can send visual alerts when a new product or service is available. You can also provide your devoted Snapchat followers exclusive deals and coupons to entice people to buy and pique their interest.

Get A Faithful Following

Building brand loyalty is essential because returning clients are what ultimately propel a business’s success. Extending exclusive special offers to your followers through this network can keep them interested in your services or goods. It is only one of the many inventive ways to use this innovative social media platform to keep people coming back for more.

Your brand will eventually find itself gaining a devoted following on Snapchat as a result of the advantages of being a part of an “inner circle” The result is that customers start to have a stronger, more intimate connection to your brand. Brands may “be themselves” in Snapchat’s relaxed setting and win consumers’ trust.


Our Services As The Leading Snapchat Marketing Agency In London

With Snapchat, you get a great chance to interact with a younger audience. Since it can be challenging to engage with these users, it is an excellent chance for some strategic social media marketing

Our specialised Snapchat advertising staff at Pearl Lemon Group will ensure that your advertising budget is always working as hard as possible and utilising other social media platforms to their fullest potential. Here are the services we offer for your business marketing. 

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Analysis And Planning

Our first concern is comprehending your brand and your business objectives. Once we have done our research and had lengthy discussions, it is simple to target the appropriate audience.

Comprehensive Snapchat Ads

You can rely on us to produce a wide range of compelling Snapchat ads that resonate with the target demographic. These are just a few captivating formats we can help you create: story ads, snap ads, collection ads, and app install ads.

Original Content Creation

One benefit of working with a top Snapchat marketing agency is that we provide creative services to assist you at every stage of the process, including custom photo sessions, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, video production, and more.

Get More Leads

We identify your potential clients and engage them with your brand, which undoubtedly results in lead generation!

Management Of Your Snapchat Account

We not only design effective Snapchat advertisements but also delve into the platform’s specifics. By using robust analytics such as bid optimisation, conversion tracking, and others, watch as we increase the effectiveness of your campaign. With data-led decision-making, your time is not wasted on blind guess-games!

Enhanced Performance And ROI (Return On Investment)

We map key engagement and delivery parameters for measurable outcomes in terms of reach, resonance, and action. We essentially give your brand the edge it deserves!

Advanced Reporting And Interaction

We keep you updated on campaign activities with in-depth reports and insights so you are always informed about your performance. You may get results and interact with a younger social media audience through Snap advertisements. 

Even though Snapchat advertising can look strange due to its particular formats and target market, you shouldn’t ignore this platform. As a seasoned agency team, we can assist you in understanding the channel so that your campaigns provide the best results possible.

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Let's Work Together

Snapchat offers a chance to subvert conventional marketing strategies and position your company at the forefront of creative and inventive storytelling to engage with today’s generation.

At Pearl Lemon Group, we develop global influencer and social media campaigns as London’s top Snapchat marketing company on the platform. Thanks to our in-house influencer technology, we can find the most exciting influencers before they become well-known and match them with your business to achieve the most results.

Wherever you are in the world, get in touch with us, and we will show you how to create persuasive conversations, promote social participation, develop your brand awareness, fulfil sales targets, or accomplish any other objectives you may have.

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Snapchat is a mobile messaging tool for sending and receiving images, videos, text, and drawings. The programme is free to download, and using it to send messages is also free. It has quickly gained enormous popularity, especially among young people.

Marketers can interact with their audience on Snapchat while out and about. It works exceptionally well for interactive storytelling and regional promotions.

Within your social media toolkit, Snapchat advertising can be a potent tool that serves as a reminder to marketers that there are numerous tactical approaches to achieving campaign and company objectives.

Snap advertising can assist in introducing your company to a niche audience and untapped markets that aren’t present on other social media platforms.

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