Increase Customers: Snapchat Marketing for Franchisees

Franchise marketing is the term used to describe the marketing techniques, and strategies franchisors and franchisees use to draw in new clients or consumers, raise brand awareness, and generate sales for their respective franchise businesses. 

Subsequently, most franchise marketing today is done online using different tools and mainly via social media platforms.

The key to good franchise marketing is maintaining a balance between the franchisor and franchisees. 

This means that they should communicate regarding the marketing strategies that the brand implements. To maintain brand coherence and general profitability, the franchisee must rigorously abide by the marketing guidelines established by the franchisor.

That’s why an easily replicable business concept and a powerful, recognisable brand are essential to work successfully. 

You’re probably here reading right now because:

One, you’re developing your marketing strategy.

Two, your web presence has been problematic for your franchising marketing objectives. 

Or three, you just heard that there’s another effective marketing strategy for you here.

We understand that you want to project a specific image at the corporate level, but your franchisees have particular local objectives and distinctive outreach strategies. Although consistency is important, marketers are aware that context rules supreme. 

However. franchisees may request the freedom to conduct business in their local market to build relationships with their communities.

So, how can franchisors and franchisees pool resources to develop a unified marketing plan that benefits the brand? Social media marketing is the answer!

And talking about social media platforms, Snapchat is top on the list. With an 80% engagement rate, 64% of businesses use this platform to promote their brand.

Snapchat is a great medium to use in the digital age because storytelling is at the heart of its content. Additionally, Snapchat advertising enables businesses and franchises to offer themselves dynamic imagery, which makes it simple to stand out from the competition. 

Our team at Pearl Lemon Group takes excellent satisfaction in its capacity to hyper-scale businesses through imaginative storytelling, and we are eager to promote your brand on Snapchat.

Our data-driven methodology enables us to work with our in-house creative team to produce successful and scalable results. 

Contact us to experience the best and most profitable Snapchat marketing strategy to foster your franchise. 

The Compatibility Of Snapchat With Business Marketing Campaigns

You’ve probably heard of Snapchat one way or another. It may be through a friend, your siblings, colleagues at work, or even the employees at your store.

But either way, there is an undeniable truth: Snapchat is a rising social media platform frequently used by many businesses to upscale their franchise online.

If you want to know why they keep using it, we’ve listed some reasons for Snapchat’s compatibility with business marketing.

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Less Refined

Snaps and other posts are shared after being taken using a mobile device, sometimes with doodles. Not much effort is needed because you can think of it as Instagram stories or Facebook reels that generally show random updates of a business’s daily operations.

More Intimate

A lot of successful Snapchat content capitalises on the sense of exclusivity, letting users view something that not everyone gets to see. You can also share more insiders and exclusives because snaps can fade after some time and can be configured to be shown to only a selected few.

Reach Younger Audiences

Snapchat’s majority of users are under the age of 35. The social media trend generally appeals to the younger generation like Gen Zs and Millenials, so it’s a great place to connect with them if they are your target market.

It Is Free!

You won’t incur any fees when using Snapchat for marketing and advertising. Unlike other social media platforms that offer advertising placements, Snapchat allows its users to do whatever they like and still reach the audience they want.

Purpose Of Snapchat Marketing For Franchisees

Running a franchise requires effort, unwavering resolve, and the capacity to perform nearly any task. Franchises are constantly working, from promotions to navigating a constantly shifting business environment.

This is why you need a digital marketing strategy to keep up with your other strategies and needs. Here are some of the reasons why Snapchat is the next strategy you should be working on:

  • Promotes your franchise and the benefits your goods, services, or expertise can provide to your client’s lives;
  • Increases your customer base can help you reach the most prospective prospects and increase sales or conversions;
  • Build brand loyalty and frequent business interactions by re-engaging interested or former customers.

The purpose of franchise marketing is to make investments where you can interact with consumers who will value your commodities, services, or products– and Snapchat can help you with that.


Things To Consider Before Using Snapchat Marketing

Marketing on Snapchat needs the right approach if you aim to launch a successful campaign. 

Here are a few questions to ask before starting:

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Who Are Your Clients?

You must identify and be sure of your clientele’s critical characteristics, including location, age range, and interests. The demographics of your target market should be greatly considered so you can account for what interests them for the creative content you will make.

How Do Internet Users Engage with Businesses?

What online resources—websites, platforms, and apps—do your potential customers use to look for information, shop, browse, study, and discover? Where do they interact with their friends? What sources do they use for their information?

What Factors Affect Your Clients’ Desires?

Who your target audience listens to, or how do they find entertainment: influencers, famous people, TV, news, or media?

While no “one size fits all” secret to expanding a business exists, most marketing methods are manageable with a laptop, some advanced planning, and a growth attitude.

Benefits Of Working With A Good Snapchat Marketing Agency

If you want to maximise the benefits you get from Snapchat, you should partner with knowledgeable professionals that are experts in the platform’s marketing features, capabilities, and trade secrets.

When you work with a top Snapchat marketing agency, they will help you choose the optimal campaign type to run based on your unique objectives. 

They will be familiar with the technical requirements to ensure that your ad functions appropriately and consistently on the Snapchat app. 

They will also offer creative assistance, helping you make a compelling first impression for hundreds and millions of people out there. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to look much further because Pearl Lemon Group offers all the expertise to guide you in these choices and ensure your Snapchat campaign is successful.

Through Snapchat advertising, our team of professionals can increase interaction, maximise revenue, and advance brand exposure. We are experienced in developing effective social media campaigns and are exceptionally skilled in using Snapchat due to our particular focus on storytelling.

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Our Approach For An Effective Snapchat Marketing For Franchisees

We take pride in what we do– especially when it comes to digital marketing and social media marketing.

Our company has a track record for making things happen, and we want you to experience that as well. Take a general look at how we can guide you in making creative, compelling, and effective Snapchat marketing for your business.


At Pearl Lemon Group, one of our primary objectives is to comprehend your unique objectives and brand. Because of this, we perform extensive research and have in-depth discussions before we start strategising.


Our in-house creative team creates on-brand Snapchat commercials, clips, and snaps that stand out from the competition. This is the second step in putting our watertight approach into action.

Keep An Eye On Your Snapchat Ads

Don’t be surprised if we’re a bit data-obsessed around here. We will closely watch your Snapchat marketing campaign while it runs to determine which tactics are most effective and which don’t.

Improve Your Snapchat Campaign

We can optimise the effectiveness of your campaign by identifying the components of your Snapchat advertising that work best. Our professionals will analyse all the factors contributing to higher engagement and views.

Data Reporting

By sharing campaign statistics, we ensure that you fully realise that we have produced a significant return on investment. You can also keep track of how much your strategy is helping your business grow to balance it out with other strategies you have in place.

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Pearl Lemon Group Can Help You With Snaps

While Snapchat might not be the best social media channel for every business, it can be an excellent place to start if you want to attract a younger audience. 

Furthermore, compared to other places, the site increases the likelihood of impulse purchases by 60% for consumers.

If your brand has an upbeat, creative tone of voice, Snapchat might be your channel because it was created to be authentic, casual, and entertaining.

Using a renowned digital marketing agency like Pearl Lemon Group can guarantee you make the most of the advertising options available if you are unfamiliar with the platform and can adequately target the audiences you want to reach with your message.

Do you wish to learn more? Call us now!

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Franchisees should employ Snapchat marketing to connect with their intended audience. With so many social media and marketing platforms accessible today, it can be challenging to locate your target market on just one. 

We also advise using a diverse marketing mix to connect with your audience on their preferred channels. Snapchat is a channel you may include in your franchise marketing mix.

The Snapchat advertisement is a little bit larger than a typical advertisement. The 1080 x 1920 pixel Snapchat ad size is equivalent to a standard video size when turned by 90 degrees. It is comparable to holding your cell phone vertically when taking a picture or recording a movie.

Snapchat ads are vertical, unlike most online ads that are horizontal or landscape in position. It may be challenging at the beginning since you might not have material that fits the Snapchat ad size, but once you start expanding your collection of Snapchat ads, everything should go smoothly.

A Snapchat advertisement could be a short movie, a single image, or a collection of images. Place many photographs on the Snapchat Ads timeline to create a moving slideshow as your advertisement if you don’t have the skills to make videos but still want some moving material. Whether it is a video or an image, you can even include background music or audio in your advertisements!

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