Attract More Customers with Pinterest Marketing for Ecommerce

When Pinterest initially came online in 2010, women used it as their go-to resource for browsing and pinning the newest trends in clothing, home décor, and meal planning. 

Despite having fewer members than other social media sites, Pinterest is quickly becoming a market leader for online shopping. For instance, it is Shopify stores’ second-largest source of social media traffic.

The platform’s features and capabilities have increased and changed as well. Even though 80% of users are women, ecommerce businesses can now communicate with customers on their Pinterest accounts to generate more traffic and sales.

You have a fantastic opportunity to boost traffic to your website and optimise your sales funnel if you can use Pinterest analytics effectively for e-commerce.

It is time to use Pinterest for business needs if you are ready to enhance your marketing approach to compete with other businesses in your niche. 

Pearl Lemon Group is a full-service planning, design, and digital marketing firm that aids both new and established brands to expand more quickly. 

To get the same outstanding results for your brand on Pinterest, get in touch with us and let us leverage our expertise in Pinterest marketing to grow your business.

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Get Started With Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-sharing and social platform that lets users create a Pinterest board using photographs, videos, and animated GIFs to save online. 

Users (also known as “pinners“) of Pinterest can store pins with links, descriptions, and photos onto various boards for later use. Both public and private boards are available.

Users can manually submit images and links to make Pinterest pins, browse their feed to locate pins they are interested in, or use the Pinterest search bar to find specific pins. 

Users can also categorise their finds into different boards for more straightforward navigation, and most pinners use Pinterest to find and save content they want to see. 

Pinterest business accounts allow users to establish “Secret” boards, which are exclusive to you and can only be viewed by those you add to them.

Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Use Pinterest Marketing To Boost Sales!

There are more than 250 million active users on Pinterest right now. Even if this number isn’t as high as other social networks, it is still significant, especially considering Pinterest’s extraordinary ability to drive sales.

For online stores, Pinterest may be a marketing force. Compared to other social media platforms, users on Pinterest purchase products they come across at a substantially higher rate. It is partly because Pinterest users actively search for products rather than passively skim through feeds.

Benefits Of Implementing Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Users continue to enjoy Pinterest for its visual appeal and engaging content. Here are several reasons why, as an ecommerce store, you should pay more attention to this frequently ignored medium. Leveraging Pinterest digital marketing can help you tap into this platform’s potential, driving more traffic and sales to your store. Additionally, conducting a Pinterest competitor analysis can provide valuable insights into what strategies are working for others in your niche, allowing you to refine your approach and stay ahead of the competition.

Active Users

There is so much to scroll through and find across several boards. This makes Pinterest a marketer’s paradise. In addition to being searchable, users can also share boards, making it possible to discover items and brands in entertaining, visual ways.

Easy Sharing

The temptation to re-pin appealing photographs to one’s boards is too great for users to resist when they log into Pinterest and see the pins made by their friends and the boards they follow. 

Peer-to-peer sharing, the cornerstone of anything becoming viral, is greatly encouraged by this kind of “social stealing.” If you acquire enough traction, your pins might be seen by thousands of users, all of whom could be potential customers.

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Enduring Links

Since each pin has a connection to its internet source, pinning works akin to link-building. Since your promoted pin always has information, individuals can find your store and begin shopping even months after someone pinned your stuff.

Developing Your Brand

One of the most compelling reasons for an e-commerce platform to be active on Pinterest is that it gives online retailers the potential to grow their brand, become more social, and encourage users to create lists and make sales with Pinterest.

Utilise Pinterest For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

One factor that keeps so many brands on Pinterest is the ability to receive referral traffic from the site. As long as you conduct your pinning appropriately, your SEO can be strengthened by great Pinterest activity. 

Use descriptive names, thorough descriptions, and product page URLs to keep your viewers interested and eager to see your material.

Our Approach To Using Pinterest For Ecommerce

The Pinterest platform and its distinctive range of advertising options are one resource that numerous organisations disregard. The Pearl Lemon Group are experts who make the most of all the tools at our disposal. Our experts produce eye-catching, dynamic campaigns that exceed expectations in terms of metrics and goals. 

We Help Your Brand Stand Out In Electronic Commerce

The social media sphere distinctively includes Pinterest. It has an interesting perspective that draws people in for long scrolling sessions. The average internet user only stays on a website for about 15 seconds before going on to the next one. However, the average Pinterest user stays on the site for an astounding 5 minutes, an eternity in the online world.

Due to their prolonged usage, we can take advantage of and introduce your brand to them in exciting and engaging ways. We will design distinctive Pinterest ads and draw users in. They will be carefully developed to achieve your goals and drive traffic to your landing pages.

Determining And Dividing Your Target E-Commerce Audience

Any campaign’s success depends on effective audience segmentation. You can more precisely define your target audience with the aid of our experts. Then, we’ll employ the most optimised positioning to get your adverts seen by them.

At Pearl Lemon Group, Pinterest’s audience segmentation and segmentation are high-level specialities. To achieve the most effective campaign and excellent conversion rates possible, we will continuously assess your audience targeting before, during, and after your Pinterest campaign.

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Computing-Based Solutions

We carefully select metrics and placement for each campaign based on this data to achieve the best results. Every company has a distinct target market, and we are convinced we can connect with them to build brand loyalty and boost sales.

Analytical Skills

Being one of the latest social media advertising platforms, Pinterest regularly introduces new tools and algorithmic changes. Therefore, we keep up with the most recent tactics to continually plan the best campaigns. This can help your brand significantly and speed up the completion of your campaign goals.

Our Services Can Help Your Drive Sales

We promise to help you achieve your aims and objectives at Pearl Lemon Group. Your brand can succeed if you draw on our track record of achieving great things for our eCommerce clients. 

We are sure that we have the techniques and plans necessary to advance your brand. Our top concern is making sure your brand is successful. And to make it happen, we will employ effective and tested campaign-crafting methods. 

With us, you get outcomes that significantly boost your profit margins, favourably impacting your bottom line.

Get in touch with us immediately and start promoting your ecommerce brand on a large scale!

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For e-commerce companies, Pinterest is a great platform because it enables them to display their products visually. Additionally, Pinterest is a fantastic platform for increasing sales and traffic to your website or online store.

Pinterest is one of the best adaptable, cost-effective, and practical marketing tools for companies trying to convert more leads, increase website traffic, and raise brand awareness. Additionally, compared to other social media users, Pinterest users are the most likely to make a purchase.

Selling on a Pinterest page is simple and cost-free, primarily if you already operate an online store using Shopify or another partner platform. While putting up your Pinterest Shop tab is quick and straightforward, making interesting Pins to advertise your company is another matter.

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