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Digital marketing for your church should be within the top five priorities for your church. We understand all the time, patience and effort it has taken to build up your church’s ministry tools. The Pearl Lemon Group is a team of marketing and SEO experts with over 25 years of collective experience in our respective fields.

Our digital marketing team are industry leaders and can help improve or build a digital marketing scheme from the ground up for your church. Book a call with our digital marketing experts today to see how our church digital marketing services can help you.

Who Benefits From Church Digital Marketing

The church and the congregation of course!

On a more serious note, there are likely MANY churches near you. Maybe they serve a similar crowd as you or maybe they don’t. The point in bringing this up is take a moment to think about it. How full are their parking lots? How many people attend weekly sermons? How many people attend the events that happen throughout the year?

If the answer to any of these questions made you feel like there are much larger crowds heading elsewhere, then you can benefit from our digital marketing services for churches.

This means more people hearing your words, more people to interact with, and more poeple to attend your special events.


Why You Need Church Digital Marketing

Although it may go unspoken, people tend to expect any and every business to have an online presence…this includes your church. People want to see a nice website that has events outlined and information on your church. In addition to this they want to be able to interact with and see that you are active online on social media platforms. Social media is about creating that community feel and church aims to do the same.

Our team of church digital marketing experts will be able to help craft the perfect plan to help increase your community engagement. In addition to this, the digital marketing field has changed and shifted drastically in the last handful of years and continues to do so…this means you will need professional help to get your voice to be heard.

Having a church marketing strategy that includes PPC, SEO, social media engagement, and more is a necessity to increase the number of people that are members of your church and to help improve the turnout rate for your special events.

Our church digital marketing experts will work directly with you to ensure we follow all of your guidelines and desires when it comes to your church digital marketing plan.

Having a digital marketing strategy in place is necessary, not just an option. You have to have a positive reputation online, be engaged with the community to be able to be seen as authentic and invested in your people. 


What You Will Get With Pearl Lemon Group

The team here at the Pearl Lemon Group knows no two companies, minds, or churches are alike. This means that no standard, cook cutter plan is going to work for everyone. Our team will take the time to get to know you to ensure you have a unique digital marketing plan. The following is what you can expect if you choose to have Pearl Lemon Group be your church digital marketing partner:

  • No cookie-cutter or basic plans. Our team will go through your website and check out your overall presence online to get a better idea of what will have to be done. Our goal is to give personal recommendations, so we leave no stone unturned.
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions with your account manager. We welcome you to have weekly calls with your account manager to be sure that everything is being done according to plan and you have no additional questions lingering in limbo.
  • The ability to pick and choose what you want your church digital marketing plan to focus on. We will make recommendations based on what you currently are doing and what we feel you should do. We care deeply about the relationship we will have with you, so if you want to change or exclude any activity, we are more than happy to change the plan.

Why The Pearl Lemon Group

The team at the Pearl Lemon Group specialises in growth…specifically the growth of your church. We have a results-driven strategy that can help any business achieve massive growth, so for you this means more members to attend your church.

We are more than just a group of companies. We are proud to be experts in lead generation, web design and development, PR, content creation, and more. These components are tied together to create an unbeatable digital marketing campaign. Our unique spin is that we were founded from an SEO agency, so all of our church digital marketing plans come with SEO in mind…which means greater visibility for you, your site and your brand.

We practice what we preach (no pun intended). Check out the other brands we have developed with our fool-proof digital marketing strategies. We would love to add your church to our list of satisfied clients. Each site gets a bespoke and custom-tailored approach based on the services offered. If you are still working on deciding who the best digital marketing coach will be for you, you are welcome to check out our company culture and values… I am sure you will be impressed.

If you currently have your digital marketing done in-house but need a little extra boost, or have no idea where to start, book a call with one of our church digital marketing experts today! We can help you figure out the best plan of attack for you to achieve your goals.

Learn more about our Church digital marketing services

Website design

Anyone can put up a simple website, but a website designed by experts ensures that your church's site is designed in a way that communicates who you are and what your mission is.

Our experts work from scratch to create a beautiful website for you church.

If you already have a website we can help relaunch and revamp what is already there so you can get more site visitors and more people attending your events.

Content Management

Our expert content team will create bespoke and keyword rich copy to go on your church's site to add more value to your pages and potential blog posts.

You want to be the site that gives useful and accurate information and our content management team can help do that for you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is one of the most recognizable tactics employed in a digital marketing strategy.

Our SEO team will help ensure you have regular content going out, keywords used, a friendly site set up, consistent design and more.

SEO is a critical component to your website's design.

Social Media Management

Our church social media consultants can help you ensure you have an active social media profile, or profiles, to help you connect with your community.

This helps keep a tight nit feel to your church outside of the physical walls of your church. This is critical to ensuring you have people showing up to events and coming back for your weekly service.

Digital Ad Campaigning / Advertising

Paid marketing strategies can be a great way to grab people's attention that are already looking for your church or similar churches.

PPC allows for very specific targeting so can help you ensure you are in front of the people that need to see you.

Marketing Strategies

Our marketing team takes no shortcuts and no cookie-cutter approaches. You can rest assured that our marketing team will create a bespoke marketing strategy for your church.

This will be a perfect combination of SEO, content and more specifically designed around your church.

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