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Many Etsy vendors believe that if they Pin their products, others will steal their concepts or that Pinterest users only look for ideas for their projects.

However, Pinterest has expanded significantly over the previous two years, so you might lose out on prospective visitors if you don’t use it. 

So, should the typical Etsy seller use Pinterest in their promotion plan for their store?

The answer is yes!

According to data, the content people see from brands on Pinterest drives 83% of weekly Pinterest users to make purchases. If you sell on Etsy or your website, Pinterest should unquestionably be a part of your social media plan. It is an ideal marketing platform for Etsy stores that want to sell products because of its broad audience and visually appealing design. 

Etsy sellers can increase shop visits long after the Pin is created by setting up an SEO-optimised Pinterest account with the proper board structure.

Optimising your Pinterest business account to get long-term traffic is essential if you aim to get your potential leads from this platform. Our Pinterest marketing strategy at Pearl Lemon Group takes a comprehensive approach to achieve your company’s objectives. 

We use a flexible Pinterest strategy that strongly emphasises audience involvement.

Connect with us to make Pinterest one of your effective Etsy sales funnels. 

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Benefits Of Pinterest Marketing For Etsy Listing

People frequently use Pinterest as a search engine for finding inspiration and making purchase decisions, making it an efficient platform for marketing. 

If you incorporate Pinterest into your current digital marketing approach, you will eventually realise that it is one formidable marketing channel with the potential to produce excellent outcomes.

Here are a few advantages of Pinterest marketing so you can comprehend it better.

Higher Conversion Rates

Numerous people use Pinterest, as was previously said, to plan their prospective purchases. This can help you significantly shorten your pipeline and save all the extra money needed for lead nurturing and qualification.

Amplify Website Traffic

If your website has quality content, Pinterest can be an excellent avenue for advertising your content. Our Pinterest marketing services will give you all the assistance you need to increase the number of backlinks to your website and increase traffic. It is a well-known truth that more website traffic can help you gain more online visibility and, in addition to that, can enhance your revenue and Etsy sales.

Increased Pin Volume Increases Backlink Volume

Pinterest is a network that is entirely focused on visual content. Even the ability to do image searches has recently been added to Pinterest. You should be aware, however, that each image or product Pin you choose comes with a link back to the original. Therefore, by carefully Pinning each image from your website, you can take advantage of this feature. 

Our experts can assist you in creating a digital footprint that search engines and potential clients can follow.

Engaging With An Active Community

The community on Pinterest is much more active than other communities found on other social media platforms. In both small and large online organisations, people are frequently seen distributing the pins they earn. It suggests that you may gain significant exposure in a short amount of time if you use this platform appropriately.

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Here's What You Will Get From Our Pinterest Marketing Services

We utilise the power of visuals to attract as many people as possible and convert prospects into loyal customers.

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Profile Development

Customers will frequently interact with a brand for the first time through a social media page. As a result, it must advertise your business while providing pertinent data. Our experts will customise your business account with written and visual content that will appeal to your target market.

Marketing Plan For Pinterest

The impacts of Pinterest marketing services might often be intangible for months because they usually occur over a long time. Consequently, you can save money by having a straightforward Pinterest marketing approach. We will have extensive client discussions about marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Creation Of Pinterest Pins

Beautiful pins are the Pinterest feature that will increase traffic to your company the most. We produce distinctive pins for your company that adhere to your overall Pinterest marketing plan. By utilising hashtags and relevant keywords that catch the interest of your audience, they put your vision into action.

Pinterest Expansion

Any social media platform requires consistency if you want to grow your following. To promote your company widely, our team creates a regular content plan. We never skip a deadline because our staff comprises only pros from the field.

Optimising For Pinterest

The best way to optimise content for Pinterest is to make it as compelling as possible right away. Because of all the different stuff, potential buyers may be scrolling past at any time. Your brand will be in direct competition with it. We will identify strategies for lead generation and fostering engagement with your content.

Administration And Reporting

We enjoy informing and updating our clients on the progress of their content. As a result, analytics reports are part of our Pinterest marketing services. It displays statistics about your profile, the effectiveness of specific pins, and the demographics of the target audience your brand is attracting.

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We Are Known For Our Performance!

Want to watch your brand flourish while also growing your fan base? 

You might want to think about using our Pinterest marketing services. We will aggressively promote your businesses to your advantage by developing and sharing pins via natural channels. By doing this, we will better understand the world’s possibilities for you.

Pearl Lemon Group is a reputable and in-demand supplier of Pinterest marketing services. You can always count on us in your time of need because we are acutely aware of your situation.

Contact us today to grow your brand awareness on Pinterest.

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Pinterest is a social media platform and search engine that enables users to post photos and videos with links to other websites and blogs.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is unique. Since customers can browse a range of products and shops in one location, Pinterest is beneficial for promoting Etsy shops.

Because it makes it possible to reach many people with little work, Pinterest is a highly effective marketing tool. The ability to save pictures and videos, known as “Pins,” on Pinterest makes it distinct from other social media platforms and makes it possible for people to find your Etsy shop long after they first see it.

Yes! You can use Pinterest to advertise your Etsy store. Etsy shops may use Pinterest as a remarkably effective marketing tool. Here are some essential strategies for making the most of Pinterest:

  • Employ high-quality photographs: Since Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, be sure the images you employ are sharp and compelling;
  • Use appropriate and relevant keywords in your descriptions and tags because Pinterest functions as a search engine;
  • A backlink to your Etsy business should be included in each product Pin so that users may quickly find it.
  • Use Pinterest advertisements to expand your audience. Pinterest provides a range of advertising possibilities.

Yes, Pinterest is a recommended platform for your Etsy business. You can find your brand long after someone has initially seen it because pinners can save stuff from Pinterest to their boards to revisit later. Be sure to utilise Pinterest since it is an effective marketing technique for Etsy shops.

You are passing up a significant chance if you are not utilising Pinterest to promote your Etsy store. You may reach more people using the unique and effective platform of Pinterest.

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