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It is safe to say that TikTok has taken the online world by storm. In fact, TikTok was ranked as the top global mobile app in 2020 and had 689 million active users worldwide in an instant. 

Today, it steadily grows even more.

The rapidly expanding short-form entertainment network, which enables users to create and share videos with music, filters, and other features, has particularly captivated the attention of GenZ and Millenials, with 60% of TikTok members between the ages of 16 and 24.

Needless to say, retailers with brands and items compatible with TikTok can benefit financially from the platform’s massive, intensely engaged market– which isn’t likely to shrink anytime soon. 

If you have the right marketing plan, you can use TikTok to raise brand awareness, generate talk about your products, and drive sales.

Additionally, thanks to a game-changing synergy between two digital powerhouses, selling via TikTok has never been easier for retailers that work with Shopify.

There aren’t many ad companies aware of Tiktok’s potential since, unlike Facebook or any other social media platform, it is a developing platform with a user base that is growing at an astounding rate. They think it is already saturated with different content and would be hard to compete on.

Some even think it’s just a fad that will fade out in time. However, we think otherwise.

Pearl Lemon Group is a digital marketing agency that can assist you in producing brief, exciting videos that appeal to youthful people. We have a group of skilled creators adept at creating high-calibre content that succeeds on the site. 

We will identify appropriate influencers for your goods and mentor them in producing engaging content– and we’re not talking about some lip-syncing videos; we’re talking about organic and engaging content.

If you are someone who is looking to grow their ecommerce brand on TikTok, contact us today to get started!


Benefits Of Working With A Tiktok Agency For Ecommerce

TikTok is inventive and values how marketers can use creativity to tell their stories. 

By using Indirect Social Persuasion– the coined term for brand storytelling on social media platforms–you can engage with more users and entice them to buy from you. 

Since launching its Monetization Model, TikTok has made many opportunities available for eCommerce business owners like you.

TikTok develops a few cutting-edge innovations to improve eCommerce. 

Luckily, you can use them effectively with the help of an excellent Tiktok agency like Pearl Lemon Group.

Take a look at what TikTok offers for your eCommerce business below.

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Intelligent Algroithm

TikTok does not need audience behavioural awareness to present relevant material because intelligent algorithms support it. TikTok’s Video Watching Tick immediately informs the algorithm of the audience persona stats. This is evident in their For You Page or FYP.

Based on the user’s prior viewing behaviour, the intelligent algorithm delves further down the rabbit hole to repeatedly display the same type of content. Recognising the buyer’s persona enables them to reach with simplicity, making it a feature that might be excellent for eCommerce’s emerging interaction over TikTok.

For instance, if a user frequently views TikTok videos related to makeup, and you’re an eCommerce business on TikTok that mainly sells make-up– TikTok will suggest your content to these people.

External Links

Similar to Instagram, TikTok now has built-in functionality for sharing external links. Users and brands can include external links to their websites or blogs in the bio area of their profiles. This feature might be helpful because external links are assets to eCommerce.

Once a user gets interested in purchasing the product, you can lead them to your profile, and they’ll see your store link there! Now, they’ll be able to browse their intended product for purchase and see other products that you offer.

Strong Call to Actions

TikTok’s innovative advertising tools now enable its well-known Creators and Influencers to boost the impact of the content they publish on the site by including CTAs

CTAs give ecommerce brands a direct marketing chance to link with advertising and earn money in the process. However, the call-to-action buttons are only accessible to a limited number of advertisers and agencies because they are still testing. When this launches, it will definitely be a big help for marketing campaigns.

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Tiktok Helps In Bringing Viewers To Other Channels

Many business channels experienced a decline in traffic when they turned off TikTok ads. Therefore, even though TikTok first seemed like it may be a time waster for businesses, it turned out to be an essential component of driving traffic and making money.

Without a doubt, TikTok is excellent for boosting brand recognition. 

The platform is pretty good for connecting with a variety of potential customers because it offers advertisers a variety of ad choices and less intrusive ads than traditional commercials. It tells a story that people love to hear.

While businesses weren’t making many sales on TikTok, the platform became more crucial for driving attention to their other channels.

When TikTok advertising was reactivated, businesses experienced a recovery of their normal traffic levels. It just proves that TikTok is an excellent tool for advertisers and that its capacity to raise brand awareness should not be underrated.

Our TikTok Marketing Approach For You

If you want to know how things will unravel with TikTok and our help, look at what we will do for you.

Product Analysis

We spend our time thoroughly researching your brand and product. We must comprehend what it is, how it functions, who the target market is, and what its requirements and aspirations are. Additionally, we might glance at your rivals’ websites to determine what kind of content is successful for them.

Hashtag And Trend Analysis

It is time to start looking into TikTok trends and well-liked hashtags that we may use to promote your product once we have a solid understanding of your product, brand, and target market. The secret to getting a lot of online sales and great virality on TikTok is to ride brief trends.

Brainstorming And Ideation

We will start coming up with ideas for your TikTok video advertisements as soon as we have all the information we want. The hard part of creating a creative concept can be off your hands because our experts will do it for you.

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Creative Content Creation

From concept to execution, we will see that your content will be completed. From screenplay through shooting to editing, we will handle everything. Don’t worry, because even after we shoot it and get the final video, we’ll let you watch it first before posting.

Advocate Outreach

We use influencer marketing in addition to creating your custom-branded content to scale your Tiktok content development operations. To obtain TikTok influencers that can work on influencer campaigns and promote your product in their brief videos, we will contact them and bargain on your behalf.


We offer regular reporting that is transparent and lets you know what the outcomes are. For us, you must know what’s happening and its results. After all, you’re the boss that we want to impress.

If you want to learn more about our approaches, why not book a call with our experts to hear from them first-hand?

The Pearl Lemon Group Team For Tiktok Marketing

Our team at Pearl Lemon Group has an extensive understanding of paid and organic media. In addition to knowing how to leverage TikTok’s paid advertising features to reach your target audience, we also have a thorough understanding of the types of content that perform well there naturally.

Not many TikTok advertising agencies know how to develop an effective TikTok marketing campaign because TikTok is still a relatively young social media platform. 

But even if it’s relatively new to the market, we have already acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing TikTok ad campaigns for eCommerce firms. What can we say? We need to adapt fast.

TikTok advertisements have a lot of promise for eCommerce store owners, unlike Facebook ads, which are getting increasingly complex (and expensive) to produce results. TikTok’s cost per mile is meagre compared to other social media sites, and the targeting options are unmatched.

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This platform is also different because the most excellent TikTok advertisements are native, meaning they take on the same design as other app content. They can attract consumers’ attention more successfully and are less intrusive. 

Although you may undoubtedly reuse the ad creatives and use them as a starting point, you can’t necessarily copy your Facebook advertisements straight and run them on TikTok.

If you want to make the most of TikTok advertising, Pearl Lemon Group is the right marketing agency with the know-how to produce excellent native content and run successful ad campaigns.

Get in touch with us for the right marketing approach for your ecommerce brand.

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90% of TikTok users visit the app more than once daily, indicating the service has a very high user engagement rate. Brands have a fantastic opportunity to put their goods in front of potential buyers when an interesting video quickly goes from having no views to having millions.

The all-inclusive feature that TikTok provides allows marketers to promote on TikTok. Instead of forcing marketers to come up with their plans, the platform guides them through the entire process of designing advertisements, allocating money, connecting with target audiences, and evaluating campaign data.

As a TikTok agency for ecommerce businesses, we can do the hard work of going through that process so you can just straight up upload content seamlessly on the platform. Needless to say, the content will be creative, engaging, and interesting so that you can pull users to your store in no time.

TikTok is also quickly rolling out new features to encourage more in-app purchases, such as small stores, product links, and the capacity to include product catalogues into specific ad formats and live streaming. Because of this, it can increase social commerce expenditure and amplify the digital market landscape in the business world.

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