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lydia sims - operations director


Lydia is Pearl Lemon Group’s Operations Director. She has been with Pearl Lemon since May of 2019. She started as a student getting more practical experience and academic credit. From there she moved up in the company to a full time team member. She has watched PLG grow from a handful of people to a team more than 4x bigger. Outside of PLG she is a mom of two, a certified beer server, doula and florist.

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What do you do at the Pearl Lemon Group?

I am our Operations Director. I help ensure Dee’s requests and ideas get put into play and our greater goals are accomplished. I do everything from content creation to team mangement.

What do you enjoy most about the Pearl Lemon Group?

I enjoy the remote aspect with a global team. Getting to work at my pace from home with a variety of people with a wide skillset is great and was refreshing when I first joined and is still one of my favorite parts.

Tell us something you were doing in your 'last life'?

If this means prior to Pearl Lemon. I was a full time student and was an intern for a company that helped startups with basic things like making pitch decks and managing social media accounts. Before that I was a catering coordinator and living offgrid in Oregon.

What is one of the things you could tell us about you that would surprise most people?

I was into powerlifting and kickboxing for a few years. My leg press maxed out at 435 pounds before I had an unrelated injury that lead me to stop lifting. I also aim to run 2 5Ks each year.

How would your closest friend describe you?

Probably quiet and work focused. Or “crunchy granola”

Name three things you can’t live without?

Coffee, good books, Disney movies (lol for my littles)

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