Digital marketing involves multiple channels and when it comes to running a campaign it becomes challenging to be effective in all digital channels. The goal is to increase the conversion rate but how can you overcome the challenges?

Here we have 5 characteristics that will impact your digital marketing campaign and help you take a more effective path.

1. Measurable Data

Measurable Data

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Measurable data provides more than just numbers. Those numbers allow you to make informative decisions.

A Digital Marketing campaign must be extremely measurable in this regard. You must be aware of the data you can obtain whether you are posting your material online on social media or trying to build an offline event that invites your clients to play around with the installation. 

The data you collect will eventually become your marketing assets since it will be able to tell you what you did correctly and wrong, as well as provide insight into what you should do next. These data must be meaningful in order to be quantifiable. Before you launch your campaign, make sure you know what the most valuable conversions are.

2. Direct


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A campaign has to be direct and targeted correctly. The only way you can do this is by understanding your audience and how to connect with them.

A well-targeted digital marketing effort is essential. The stuff you’re delivering should be targeted at a specific group of people.

 We sometimes refer to them as a persona with a distinct personality. The material should communicate a precise message to the intended audience. This can help the target audience become more engaged.

The message underlying the material may be effectively presented when it is drawn to the target audience. Consider a businesswoman who is looking forward to her next trip. She will be glad to read along if she is surfing the timeline on Facebook and sees a piece of content about a holiday package from an airline, whether it is an organic or sponsored story.

3. Flexible


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A flexible campaign means that it can be remarketed. If your campaign is too fixed then you are going to have to constantly rebuild and when new interests arise.

An effective Digital Marketing campaign should be able to remarket to the audience who has shown interest. On Facebook, you’ve already targeted the snarky office lady on vacation. She has already viewed your article concerning the vacation package after clicking on it. This is a strong indication that this Facebook user is interested in the holiday package, but she did not order it when she first viewed the article. 

Why don’t you show her the content once again and urge her to finish the order? Your bundle might not be the ideal option for her, but it all depends on the situation. Make enough impact on her to turn her into a customer.

4. Adaptable


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A successful digital marketing campaign must be tailored to the needs of the target audience. The office lady has now returned to your vacation package website and has already added the package to her shopping cart. She did, however, receive a call from her employer, and she did not fulfill the order. 

It would be wonderful if you could remarket her and show her the holiday package information again, but would it be better if you could ask her to check out the shopping cart with a direct link instead? Try to keep track of all of these varied buying signals and tailor your call-to-action messages accordingly. Customers would be served and communicated within a timely manner.

5. Eligible For Multi-Channels

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To propagate the message, an efficient Digital Marketing campaign should use multiple mediums. Your target audience would use a variety of devices and media to access information. Would it be even better if your call-to-action message was viewed by the office lady while she was browsing the internet? 

Isn’t it fantastic if she gets a reminder email with a link to a direct checkout? Is it possible for her to scan a QR code on a magazine and return to the holiday package website to finish the checkout? Consider how your target audience will interact with the content you’re offering and make it simple for them to respond in a variety of ways.

Final Thoughts

These were just a few characteristics that every digital marketing campaign needs to be effective. No matter the type of campaign or audience you are trying to reach, these characteristics can help as a guideline.