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Why is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing with Social Media With today’s modern technology, we can meet buyers at the exact point in their buying journey but what’s even better is that now, we can advertise to them at the moment they’re ready to buy. The bottom of the sales funnel is where you can capture attention. So why should…

Market Presence Definition

Market Presence Definition: Why Is It Important

Source: Unsplash The market presence is an aspect of digital marketing and represents the influence or reputation of a company.  Today we will dive deeper into what a marketing presence is, the criteria, and its importance. Market Presence Definition Marketing presence is the message or reputation an organization portrays when they communicate with a prospect….

Characteristics Of Digital Marketing

Characteristics Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves multiple channels and when it comes to running a campaign it becomes challenging to be effective in all digital channels. The goal is to increase the conversion rate but how can you overcome the challenges? Here we have 5 characteristics that will impact your digital marketing campaign and help you take a…

online marketingvs digital marketing

Online Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is quite common, and many agencies specialize in services ranging from digital marketing, but what about online marketing? The term online marketing isn’t as popular, but if you have seen it, you might be curious to know if online and digital marketing is the same thing. Today, we will try to break down…