How To Create A Blockchain Database

Blockchain-based databases have many limitations. However, the current prevailing wisdom is to combine conventional relational and blockchain databases’ strengths to overcome these limitations. One database will be able to utilise the best features of both technologies thanks to this combined software stack. As a result of the blockchain stack, the database will be decentralised, immutable, […]

What Is A Hash In Blockchain

Blockchain technology is often referred to as hashing. A hash algorithm transforms input data of any length into a fixed-length string. Bitcoin’s hashing algorithm is SHA-256, a Secure Hashing 256 bits Algorithm. Blockchain Hashing: How Does It Work? Hashing algorithms in blockchains: what are they and how do they work? Hashes are algorithms that take […]

What Is Cronos Blockchain?

With Cronos, you can integrate DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse with Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. The platform aims to substantially scale the Web3 community by providing developers with an easy way to instantly port applications and crypto assets to Web3 from other chains at a low cost, with high throughput, and with rapid finalisation. The […]

How To Become A Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is one of the most promising emerging technologies. According to statistics, global blockchain technology sales are projected to grow to $20 billion by 2025. Blockchain is more than Bitcoin. It is revolutionising the digital world by improving its security and efficiency. You can consider becoming a Blockchain Developer with IT giants like Samsung, IBM, […]

How To Start A Blockchain Company

The popularity of blockchain is growing every day. Stackoverflow has 1,703 discussions with the word “blockchain,” and Quora has thousands. According to Google Trends, some graphs show how the popularity of blockchain topics has evolved. It is a discussion about this cutting-edge technology, the existing blockchain platforms, and the areas experiencing its benefits right now. […]