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A new product has been developed, and it’s time to introduce it to the world. A fantastic launch event would be ideal for presenting your new product. Your budget is limited because you don’t know how to plan a launch event. How do you get started?

Even though a launch event involves many moving parts, it doesn’t have to be a complex process.

We’ll walk you through the process of planning, setting up, and executing your product launch event, one step at a time. A few examples of actual product launch events will be provided to demonstrate what’s possible.

Are you interested in learning how to plan a great product launch event? Here we go!

A 6-Step Guide to Planning a Product Launch Event

There is a step-by-step process for planning your launch event regardless of your product or service or how large your budget may be.

Planning a worthwhile product launch is just as imperative as the actual development of the product. Although each launch event is unique, these steps must always be considered. Getting to know someone on a deep level begins with the person you’re serving.

The First Step: Get to Know Your Audience

Though the focus of your product launch event may be on you and your new product, everything must revolve around your attendees.

Ultimately, it’s all about the people attending a product launch event. Are you acquainted with them? Know what makes your avatar tick and what makes you tick? Attend the same events that they do? Are you aware of what will appeal to them and not appeal to them?

By following these initial steps, the rest of your process will be much easier and more time and money will be saved. You can also create memorable moments for those who attend while lowering the risk of failure.

Choosing the right venue is the second step.

Launch events can be made or broken by the venue. The cover shouldn’t matter much, as a book shouldn’t be defined by its cover. People judge books by their covers, and they will judge your event by its location.

Look for an unusual venue that produces a WOW factor. Choose an event associated with tech conferences if you’re launching a new software product.

Inviting the “right” people is Step 3

All successful launch events have exclusivity as one of their key components.

Success is heavily dependent on exclusivity. Everybody has at least one memory of not being invited to a party when they were kids—childhood experiences like this fuel our desire to belong today.

A private, exclusive, invite-only event makes those who attend feel special, so make it private, exclusive, and invite-only. They’ll be more likely to attend and speak highly of your event afterwards.

The fourth step is to build anticipation and momentum

As necessary as your event, its success is determined by the anticipation you build beforehand. Therefore, you should invite the “right” people.

You increase your chances of building anticipation by engaging those with influence as early as possible. You can start delivering your message from the moment you plan your event, not just on the day of the event.

Every aspect of the project should be aligned, clear, and straightforward.

The Fifth Step: Personalize the Experience

Those you invited to your big day arrive…you now have one goal: to make this day unforgettable.

Your product launch event may be centred around your new offer, but only those who attend matter. Create moments to remember. They discuss the importance of creating memorable moments in their book, ‘The Power of Moments’.

The 6th step is to be yourself and stay true to your brand

You cannot ignore your brand, even though you should focus on your attendees. You should:

  • Style and voice of the brand.
  • An original story.
  • Mission and values.

To deliver a unique experience, you must stay true to your brand. You can create memorable moments that reflect your brand. Not sacrificing your story or style. Ensure these two aspects are aligned and try to strike a balance between them and you.


By following these steps, ensure your product launch event is remembered for the right reasons. By following these steps, you can remove some of the overwhelming feelings and worries associated with any event (large or small).


A product launch checklist is what?

To release a new product successfully, a product launch checklist contains a list of action items that must be completed. This article helps you think through the steps, processes, and assets you and your team need to complete before launching any product.

What is a product launch strategy?

Launching a new product is a planned action to introduce it to a market. Businesses usually want to launch something as soon as possible and see as much growth and traction as possible. A project launch process involves many actions, steps, and people.

How do you make a good product launch?

Product launches seem like a huge undertaking, but nothing will happen without sufficient planning, market research, and preparation. To achieve success, you must understand how each process step should be managed and where you should focus your attention.