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Ion Farmakides -
Managing Director


Ion Farmakides

His name is Ion Farmakides (try saying that x3 fast!) and he’s the Managing Director of the Pearl Lemon Group. Ion started as the Head of Business Development in the beginning of 2019, and has seen the business grow at a very healthy (and speedy) pace since then! He has over 15 years of business development and team leadership experience, 2 traits which has helped him adapt and develop quite naturally within the group.
On a personal note, he is a shockingly bad cook, a mediocre musician, and a loving yet sleepless father or 2. Thanks to his lovely wife’s natural ability and unnaturally high patience levels, he can afford to pretend to know what he’s doing most of the time 😉

What do you do at the Pearl Lemon Group?

Among other tasks, I oversee and facilitate most of our new business, I help with our clients’ onboarding processes both in regards to our B2B as well as our B2C offerings/services, distribute inbound as well as outbound leads to the sales team, help train and run the troops.

What do you enjoy most about the Pearl Lemon Group?

Being part of an ever-evolving company offers a lot of desirable qualities! To name a few, I enjoy the flexibility/nimbleness that has to come with the territory, I really like the services we offer, how helpful they can be, and how we tap into our collective experience in order to continuously improve. I really like our management style and the immediacy that comes woth it. I really like everyone in our team(s), as well as the sense of fulfillment that comes with observing everyone’s progress.

Tell us something you were doing in your 'last life'?

Playing music! I was in a band that wasn’t doing badly at all for our genre as well as the fact that we hailed from Athens! 🙂

What is one of the things you could tell us about you that would surprise most people?

The band I mentioned in the previous section had a record that was produced by Matt Hyde, who also worked on No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom 🙂

How would your closest friend describe you?

Hilarious, remarkably charming, empathetic, and modest.

Name three things you can’t live without?

My wife and 2 kids 🙂